Smart & Safe Cities

Rapid urbanisation and migration are common phenomena across modern cities - leading to the need for smarter solutions to maintain quality of life. But these cities aren’t without existing challenges of their own - from pollution to limited infrastructure, scarce resources, and a lack of accessible civic facilities. Smart cities provide solutions for enhanced safety and services, harnessing technology to enable economic growth, local area development, and a sense of stability.
  • Integrated Command and Control System
  • Intelligent Traffic Management System
  • City Surveillance System
  • Geographic Information System
SCS Tech designs, manufactures, and supplies the elements that help cities make the change, offering Installation and Integration services alongside a range of additional smart solutions. AI and Machine Learning (ML) ensure scalable, durable solutions that evolve to meet the needs of a changing city, from surveillance and security to basic waste management. We’re committed to providing unique and innovative services, and smart solutions for smarter cities.
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