Intelligent Debriefing with Analytics

At the bottom of every problem lies a root cause. But as companies scramble to deal with the fall-out of incidents, collecting information related to this root cause often takes a back-seat. Incomplete reports and missing data further compound the problem, leading to similar issues in the future if the core incident isn’t studied and resolved.
  • Incident analysis providing detailed insights
  • Annotation on important segments
  • File encryption for data security and accountability
  • Single exported file with complete information
Intelligent Debriefing with Analytics (IDA) helps the flow of data and information related to an incident - documenting causes, effects, patterns, and results on a single, encrypted file. Incidents are created basis alerts are received by sensors, before being isolated and debriefed based on time, date, and location. IDA presents a complete solution, storing entire sets of incident-specific data on an accessible file, thus easing compliance, boosting efficiency enhancement management, and more.
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