With any plan or vision for the future, comes the need to educate oneself today. Long considered one of the most vital assets of any developing nation, the education industry is ripe for change, and modernization.


The Agriculture industry is massive and crucial to human survival. Today, investments in agricultural infrastructure have brought us improved irrigation facilities, smart warehousing, and temperature-sensitive storage, enabling the sector towards evolution and further growth.


Healthcare is a dominant industry in today’s world, with several drivers expected to influence further growth in the sector. As technological innovations become the norm rather than the exception, advancements in the integration of medicine and healthcare, smarter data management, and a patient-centred approach will prove key, placing an emphasis on value for patients as a key metric, over more typical approaches like evaluating the volume of services delivered.


The financial services industry is one of the oldest in the world – but even it isn’t free from the transformative effects of digital innovation. Today, SCS Tech works with a range of financial institutes, banks, fintech experts, etc., looking to provide pragmatic technology solutions and financial software development.

Homeland Security & Defence

The foundation of prosperity is stability, and a stable nation is a well-protected one. The defence industry features sensitive data, imagery, and communications – and it is vital that this data is kept secure, and accessed with compliance.

Urban Development

Urban Development is at the heart of any city, leading the charge to reimagine and shape the towns of the future. Management, planning, and reform form key pillars alongside governance, geared towards ensuring liveability and a healthier livelihood for citizens. Smart cities are no longer a distant dream of the future, and there is an immediate need to adapt, evolve and keep pace with new challenges.

Emergency and Disaster Management

Disasters are unpredictable by nature – but that doesn’t stop us from planning for them. While governments must respond to disasters in a timely manner, coordinating their efforts is necessary for success.

Oil & Gas

Long considered the biggest sector in the world in terms of sheer dollar value, the Oil and Gas sector is a global powerhouse – with hundreds of thousands of workers worldwide generating hundreds of billions of dollars globally each year.
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